RBI Vs Cryptocurrency Case In India – Supreme Court Further Adjourns The Case To 13 September, 2018


The RBI VS Cryptocurrency Case Further Delays

All the cryptocurrency traders in India are biting their nails since 11 September, hoping for the RBI Crypto matter to be solved positively. The RBI Vs Cryptocurrency case was supposed to be heard on 11 September, but the case got adjourned to 12 September.

Yesterday, the case was first adjourned to 2 PM, then to 3.30 PM and then finally to 12 September due to a lengthy hearing of another case.

Cryptocurrency traders in India were hoping for some positive decisions today. But looks like, they will have to wait for some while as the RBI Vs Cryptocurrency Case is further adjourned to tomorrow i.e,13 September 2018 (Tareek Par Tareek, Tareeek Par Tareeek, Tareeeek Par Tareeeek!!!!!).

Let’s see what does Supreme Court decides for the future of cryptocurrencies in India. Or maybe the case may further get adjourned.What do you think? Leave your thoughts on our comments section below


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