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Cloud computing offers a wide range of computing services including servers, storage database, analytics, softwares, etc., over the cloud (internet) to facilitate innovation, economies of scale and flexible resources. However, the present cloud computing landscape is controlled by conglomerates such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM etc. This control limits the resources to the kitty of large-scale companies. Reindeer is a blockchain-based cloud computing platform that aims to democratize the present scenario and offer equal opportunities to all creators in order to thrive in this evolving marketplace.


Fundamental Features of Reindeer

Following are just some of the essential attributes of the Reindeer platform:-


  1. Comprehensive Informational Centre

Reindeer offers cloud computing combinations and configurations that are essential to build a functional website. Users can create their unique cloud designs and share in order to get rewarded by the platform for their efforts. Moreover, people can freely access these catalogs and choose their preferred designs to build online content with the same configuration. Reindeer is a marketing catalog that encompasses an assortment of abstract design patterns along with relevant information to offer users the best practice guides.


  1. Collaborative Space

Reindeer is a communicative ecosystem that enables creators to connect and interact with each other in order to develop, store, and share cloud designs. The platform functions on creative common licenses that allow open data access to all.


  1. An Effective Workflow System

Generally, cloud computing platforms adhere to strict IT governance to establish their workflow system, which is often complex. With Reindeer, users get a flexible workflow system that allows them to connect with creative developers from around the world and share their designs on a global scale.


  1. Equal Creative Opportunities

The digital era has encouraged people to make their mark in the online world. However, lack of adequate resources continues to be a barrier. Reindeer wants to encourage creative minds by offering them reliable assistance to enter the industry. The platform further wants to develop a Zero Marginal Cost Society, wherein, the cost of creating online content is zero. And Reindeer intends to achieve this by making vital resources freely available to all creators.


Token Generation

The Reindeer tokens (RDT) are Ethereum based tokens that are used to execute various functions on the platform. The value of the RDT token is proportionate to the overall cloud designs collected in the database. Moreover, the platform intends to maintain a steady flow of tokens to ensure that users can easily register their cloud designs and promote the database growth.

Token Sale

Presently one Reindeer token is valued at 0.001 ETH. The platform will launch its first ICO on December 20th, 2018 that will last till February 4th, 2019. The platform intends to distribute the tokens in the following manner:-

  • ICO – 50%
  • Fund Holding – 20%
  • Team – 10%
  • Advisors and Accelerators – 10%
  • Bounty – 5%
  • Community and Business Development – 5%

The platform plans to allocate the sales proceeds in the following way:

  • Marketing – 40%
  • Development – 30%
  • Contributor – 20%
  • Legal and Administration – 8%
  • Paid Content – 2%

Reindeer – Making Large-Scale Resources Available to All

Reindeer works with an aim to develop a decentralized ecosystem wherein, individuals are offered equal opportunities to create their cloud designs and thrive in this creative realm. The platform further plans to leverage the potentials of blockchain and smart contract technology to democratize the cloud computing process, and make it more efficient, reliable, secure, and transparent.

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