RSS3 first to support Momoka L3 of Lens Protocol

Web3 and AI infrastructure protocol RSS3 recently added support for Lens Protocol’s Momoka, a L3 scaling solution designed to facilitate the mass adoption of the decentralized social network. Being the first to integrate Momoka demonstrates RSS3’s commitment in being a key contributor in the open and decentralized social network movement. This integration will bring Momoka access to all of RSS3’s ecosystem projects and dApps.

“Momoka, the L3 of Lens Protocol, is one of the latest additions to the 100+ decentralized data sources integrated and supported on the RSS3 network. This is an important milestone for RSS3 as we believe Momoka marks a big step towards the scaling of the decentralized social network, Moreover, it brings about a substantial enhancement in user experience for all ecosystem applications.” – Henry, CTO @ RSS3.

RSS3 has been indexing the Open Web data for over 2 years and will continue to support RSS3 ecosystem projects in accessing an expanding array of decentralized data sources. Through RSS3’s API, developers can retrieve standardized onchain data ready to be consumed by various applications including AI model training, allowing the bridging of Web3 to AI, search, feed, and beyond.

At the same time, RSS3’s ecosystem project (a Web3 search engine with AI powered by RSS3) has also launched full support for Momoka. Users can now search everything on Momoka via by entering a 0x address, Lens Handle, or any keyword. was launched earlier this year as a Web3 search engine with AI for users to explore the Open Web and navigate across 100+ different decentralized data sources. Whether it’s searching for specific transactions, addresses, domains, Lens profiles, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), or Web3 keywords, has the ability to perform these searches almost instantly across various decentralized networks. With the powerful technical implementations, users are able to conduct cross-chain searches to access information from different chains in a single search action, including Momoka transactions.

Momoka is a Hybrid-settlement L3 developed based on Optimistic Rollup by Lens Protocol. It processes Polygon transactions off-chain to achieve hyperscale and reduce transaction cost by sending transactions to data availability layers to optimize the cost and achieve higher scalability needed for social media networking, avoiding the limitations of blockspace or blocktime configurations. Momoka is an open-source software that anyone can run as a node in real-time to operate a trustless transaction submitter and verifier to validate Lens data availability publications and related actions. This new integration of Momoka into the RSS3 network aligns with the RSS3’s vision of promoting an open, efficient, and secure flow of information on the Open Web.

About RSS3

RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol designed to achieve open, efficient, and secure information flow in the Web3 environment. RSS3 committed to serving as the indispensable Web3+AI infrastructure for all Web3 content. RSS3 bridges the gap between Web3 and AI by providing efficient access to comprehensive decentralized data coverage, enabling the development of a wide range of AI-powered applications.

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