(USA) —  A team of pet owners who care about the well-being of disabled pets are creating a first-of-its-kind crypto currency that will allow community members to yield token reflections while benefitting charities that assist disabled pets.

The launch of SafeDoggies is expected to happen within weeks, according to developers. The goal of SafeDoggies is to allow members of the SafeDoggies Community to yield additional SafeDoggies tokens over time while automatically benefitting charitable groups that help disabled pets.

The program will work through the SafeDoggies 12% tax on all transactions within the SafeDoggies ecosystem, 6% of which will be redistributed to SafeDoggies wallet holders, 4% will go toward a liquidity pool that will aid with the buying and selling of SafeDoggies tokens, 1% will go toward the marketing and operational efforts of SafeDoggies, and another 1% will go toward assisting charitable organizations that help disabled pets.

According to the SafeDoggies development team, SafeDoggies community members and wallet holders will participate in determining how the charitable giving portion of the funding is spent.

The SafeDoggies development team says the opportunities for helping charitable groups benefitting disabled pets is unlimited. It is their goal to help disabled pets who are in need of special care, surgeries, wheelchairs and other equipment, so pets in need can live more fulfilled lives.

SafeDoggies will be available on the Binance Smart Chain, which means those who wish to participate in the SafeDoggies project will be able to purchase SafeDoggies tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Those who wish to participate would need to purchase BNB coin, swap the BNB coin for BSC tokens, and then swap the BSC tokens for SafeDoggies. The contract address for SafeDoggies has not yet been released.
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