Social Media Creator Justin Marc Donated $10,000 in ETH to a children’s school in Mexico City

Justin Marc

Mexico City: Justin Marc, a video blogger from Toronto, Canada who has been living in Mexico over the past year, has won praise from The National Institute of Public Health of Mexico after he donated $10,000 USD (205,000 MXN) in cryptocurrency ETH to help with vaccine supplies for a children’s school to produce coronavirus vaccines in the countries capital The donation was meant to be anonymous but because of an internal error the sender’s full name was revealed publicly “We wanted to contact the individual who gave the donation but when the staff mentioned the donation he hung up the call” said Maria Fernanda of INSP Justin Marc is a YouTuber who’s made dozens of videos in Mexico. He’a also well known for teaching dating advice in his YouTube videos as well as making travel videos on TikTok Whether a Tiktok video is being created or it was a random act of generosity, the donation was appreciated as the country struggles to re-open due to coronavirus

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