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Karaoke is a Japanese word wherein ‘Kara’ means empty and ‘Oke’ means orchestra. It is a popular form of entertainment developed in Japan, that allows music lovers to recreate popular songs over recorded backing tracks. Over the years, the way individuals enjoy Karaoke has evolved significantly. While earlier, people would need a karaoke machine, today they can enjoy recreating their favorite songs via their smartphones or PCs, courtesy – Karaoke applications.

What Needs to Be Changed?

Presently there are over 500 Million karaoke participants across the globe. While the growth of this entertainment form is certainly notable, it yet deals with certain pitfalls that hinders its mass adoption. Karaoke platforms today typically offer only a limited set of free services to its users, and users have to pay monthly fees to enjoy other premium services. In fact, fees collected from the users is the primary source that facilitates operation and promotion of these applications. Moreover, when users create covers of their favorite songs and post on digital mediums, the karaoke applications get vast exposure, but the music creators don’t receive any benefits.

 SOMESING – Sing and Earn

SOMESING is a transformational social music service platform that eliminates the aforementioned challenges by positioning users at the forefront. It offers them an extensive music library to listen to and recreate their preferred songs free of cost. Additionally, the platform has also developed a fair compensation system that rewards users for their contribution to the network.

How Does The Platform Function?

 Users can choose any song they prefer, recreate and post it on the SOMESING system. Once the platform receives the song, it automatically creates a song wallet. This wallet collects coins in various forms including supports, gifts, event. The gathered coins are stored in the song wallet for a predetermined time (generally eight weeks), post that the coins are fairly distributed amongst the music producers through smart contract depending on their contributions.

A Compensation System Backed by Blockchain Technology

As discussed above, the existing karaoke system fails to offer users any benefit for their contribution. A few karaoke applications that do provide monetary benefits operate on the centralized structure. However, high intervention variables in centralized administration result in a lack of transparency in the compensation system. SOMESING has leveraged blockchain technology to create a transparent and fair compensation system that enables users to earn stable profits for their efforts.

Creating High-Quality Music

 The platform has integrated state-of-the-technology to offers its users a pleasant and unique karaoke experience. Following are some of the significant advantages that enable SOMESING to offer unconventional music services:-

  • Sync and Sound
  • Adjust the songs note base key to user’s voice
  • Adjust voice input and audio latency control
  • Control Accompaniment (MR) volume to align with user’s voice
  • Effect contract functions such as echo, reverb, room size, etc.
  • Duet
  • Personal edit function for each song segment
  • Mimic function for edited parts
  • Switch function for male/female sections
  • Various function to create duet content
  • Conserves edit resources while offering new music
  • Video
  • Maximized MCN function

Token Sale

The users will be compensated with SOMESING (SSX) tokens. The platform plans to launch its first ICO on February 11th, 2019, 10:00 am (KST), in which it will issue 10 Billion SSX tokens. The SOMESING team intends to distribute the tokens in the following manner:

  • Sales – 30%
  • Community – 25%
  • Team and Others – 15%
  • Sales Bonus – 10%
  • Dex – 10%

SOMESING – Encouraging Music Lovers Worldwide

SOMESING is a unique social music platform that has harnessed the benefits of blockchain technology and smart contracts. The platform allows users to listen to and recreate their favorite songs for free, and earn financial rewards based on their contributions. Through its decentralized approach, SOMESING envisions to encourage music lovers to exhibit their music skills at a global level and obtain substantial rewards in return.

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