TALLY TOKEN – YOUtility brings a new age of cryptocurrency.


Tally-Ho, a British organisation comprising of a dream team of copyrighters, notaries and blockchain developers is preparing to launch a cryptocurrency called Tally Token

Launching on the Binance Chain Network, the company has already prepared a decentralised exchange that will allow Tally Token to be staked after purchase for users to earn interest. The interest rates will be far greater than any bank; and they state the yields will be competitive with other similar platforms.

The Tokenomics

Tally Token is branded the YOUtility token due to its many upcoming uses that will separate this crypto from the many cryptos out there. However, for the investor who hasn’t the time to make use of all the utilities on offer, Tally Token will generate an income for doing nothing but to hold. This is based on the reflections format that pays investors a share of 12-16% transactions on the ecosystem.


Tally-Ho will be releasing what they call Real World NFTs. These NFT security tokens represent real world assets and will make transacting real assets easier through the blockchain ledger. The plan is to allow purchases to be done without any red tape, a mission

to bring down boundaries in regards to right of ownership, proof of ownership and the freedom to conceal ownership.

There are many ways to express the NFT and the Tally team recognises an intrinsic feature about NFTs in conjunction with the decentralised digital unique identity they encompass that will bring a twist on how Tally NFTs will be used. This will bring an opportunity for investors to own shares in real assets through NFTs and for the community (long term holders), there will be the added bonus to be rewarded with NFT Airdrops.

To add, Tally-Ho’s website will have an NFT marketplace which not only allows the sale, but the licensing of all digital media types as well as 3D assets for games.

Why Invest?

Although revolutionary in its agenda to make a difference with crypto usage, Tally Token is basing its infrastructure and ecosystem on methods that are already proven to both bring value and hold significance as a utility. The end goal is to have Tally Token mature into a coin that can be used as a real world support currency.

The team values how BNB is used and argues that it holds value based on the fact that users need it in order to purchase other products; products such as tokens that are based on the Binance blockchain. The principal is tried and tested and it not only works but has seen BNB’s price rise significantly over the years. With crypto investors growing at 178% over the last year, it is clear that the crypto market will continue to grow and people will want to find a wider range of strategies to use crypto instead of speculation. Tally Token is focused on expanding how cryptocurrency can be used within the macro eco-systemic structure as a whole with the intention to provide more reasons to keep crypto as crypto, therefore presenting less need to cash out back into fiat.

And For those who need to cash out…

The Tally App alongside the Tally Credit/Debit card will be as valid as any bank card with seamless cash withdrawals when necessary. Tally Tokens will be a requirement for card ownership issuing higher rewards with the more tokens held.

Tally Token is expected to rise with the release of each use case that can be found in the comprehensive white paper. The prototype staking platform and exchange is already visible on their website with the live staking and farming ready for users shortly after token launch.

How to purchase Tally Token

Tally Token is not available at present. Presale preparation has already started. Tokens will be publicly listed on PancakeSwap on launch.

TOTAL SUPPLY = 1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply = 431,105,000

Company WALLETS = Locked (1 Year)

Presale Price- 1 BNB = 787,500 Tokens
Listing Price (PancakeSwap) – 1 BNB = 750,000 Tokens

Fully Doxxed – Company registered UK entity: reg. no. 13700697

To participate in the presale, see form: https://forms.gle/fcm7jicD8pFnzLDE7

Whitepaper: https://tally-ho.org/assets/pdfFiles/w-revamped-final.pdf

Tally Exchange Prototype: https://app.tally-ho.org/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-FebbQ9LME&t=4s

Follow Socials: https://linktr.ee/TallyToken

For contact: https://t.me/tallytoken

Press/Media: [email protected]

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