The first Unique NFT collection of photographer Norbert Banhalmi and the ambassador of OM System Cameras debuts in New York

Musiverse launches its US-campaign at private New York event 

Musiverse ( ), the young Hungarian web3 startup is aiming to revolutionize the global music scene. They introduce their unique vision and results at an exclusive NFT-party 15th October In New York Manhattan. The exclusive event hosts the outstanding  innovators & reform personalities of the Hungarian – American music, financial, media and fashion circles.

The extremely talented Hungarian team is committed to identify sweet spots of the crossings of music and crypto, art and innovation, business and charity, Budapest and New York.

Before the event, Barnabas Sara, Founder of Musiverse shares a few insights, how.

“Our courageous and long-term mission is to support musicians, representing their individual interests, by creating social, financial, and technological networks between these markets – says Barnabas. “As the first step on our Roadmap, we organize private parties, public music concerts, festivals, and Web 3 meet-ups, conferences. Our first NFT collection will give a life-time VIP pass to all kinds of events” – he added.


The vision has become reality by establishing partnership with Housmatic Radio. The Label Manager of the NY-based music company, Shadd, alias Mate Kozari and Mario Vanyi, Co-Founder of Musiverse have shared goals of uniting Web3 and the music industry. The two projects committed themselves to long-term collaboration, in which they plan to develop the Web 3 music ecosystem by introducing tokenization and the concept of NFTs to the music industry. The exclusive Musiverse NFT Launch Party is the first proof of this unique global cooperation.

As part of the event, an exciting NFT auction campaign will be exhibited by one of the most recognized Hungarian photographers and photo artists, Norbert Banhalmi.

Who is this guy? ( )

He has already held 3 photo exhibitions in NYC and the title of his very first NFT campaign is “The Men’s Dream”:

As October is the Month of National Breast Cancer Awareness, the entire income of “The Men’s Dream” Auction is going to be donated to a foundation supporting women recovering from breast cancer.

More details about Banhalmi: ( )

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