The Friend Network Token (FRND) – Be Rewarded for Your Hardware

Your devices can participate in forming a global decentralised supercomputer

By operating a Node on the Friend Network, users receive tokens for making their computer hardware available to the network (mining). Nodes are paid for several key resources:

Processing power


(supply of stored data)

Based on current High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud prices*, users could earn up to 24x what they might otherwise earn through mining.

(*based on current Oracle HPC pricing for equivalent TFLOP performance: $1.275 for 14.5TFLOP (single precision) performance).

A compelling opportunity for a true secondary income

Friend Nodes can be run on any device capable of supporting an HTML5 browser. A Node operator can use smart TVs, phones, laptops and high end gaming rigs to contribute towards the Friend Network and be paid FRND tokens. Put your devices to work when you are not using them!

Why do we need the FRND Token?

Friend believes anyone should have access to the same opportunities and capabilities no matter their device or location.

Users should also be able to decide how their digital experience evolves.

Anyone should be able to make use of their computer hardware to generate an income and help provide true decentralisation.

Without the FRND Token, the Friend Network and Friend Store marketplace would not be possible.

Friend has created the FRND token to deliver on these beliefs and much more. Only through the development of blockchain has this become possible and it is the culmination of more than 4 years of hard work and $4.5m of investment in Friend.

To deliver a service to anyone around the world requires the use of a single accessible currency. Friend understands that voting features can be distorted or tampered with, we want to produce a secure, decentralised method for guiding the platform.

Have your say on the future of Friend

Holders of FRND tokens will decide the future development of the platform. To produce a true and sustainable DAO we need to ensure users are genuine and that the results remain undistorted. The Friend Network wouldn’t be possible without blockchain. To reward users for providing resources to the network and be paid a market rate for it, requires some sort of resource and asset linking. Something we believe is only possible on a global scale with cryptocurrency.

To be able to vote, users simply need to hold the tokens. We believe all users of the platform should have this right, no one should be have something forced upon them by a corporation. We will deploy incentives for creating proposals and for voting, using the FRND token.

Friend will eventually become a DAO (distributed autonomous organisation), where developers and users work together to continuously develop the platform for the benefit of the users. This is described in our Whitepaper.

The FRND token enables a solution that will deliver a leap forward in computing. We will use devices in a way not seen since the advent of the internet itself.

We are creating a decentralised super computer network that is democratically administered and maintained by its users.

Get your FRND tokens here and be a part of the future with Friend .

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