The Next Generation of reflection token and deflationary to earn Durable FTM token on Binance Smart Chain

Fantom Swap is a deflationary reflection token and also risk-free passive income platform on the Binance Smart Chain. Earn high-yield FTM token seamlessly through staking and automatically every hour by holding the $FTMSWAP token. The Fantom Swap passive income platform offers multiple ways to earn. Investors can the staking algorithm to earn passive income. The rewards are accumulated automatically into a holders wallet.

Hold & Earn More. Earn Passive Income

Gain $FTM token every time a transaction is made. Our protocol charges a 10% transaction fee in there 6% On each transaction the protocol automatically distributes $FTM token instantly to all Fantom Swap token holders. No need to trade, simply watch your balance increase in real-time.This is called a reflection currency. You can enjoy a passive yield farming mechanism

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