The reason why the blockchain platform pursued by Open Proprietary Protocol[OPP] is in the spotlight.

Open Proprietary Protocol

Cryptocurrency’s overall market capitalization has been falling sharply this year. When the market falls, bubbles are lifted and only projects with potential and development survive.

In this situation, OPP has been attracting attention since the end of last year. What made OPP attract attention even though it has not yet promoted the project extensively?

The reason is that we devised the practical utilization of NFT along with the establishment of an unprecedented decentralized SNS platform.

The world continues to change rapidly, but people’s intrinsic motives are not much different from the origin of mankind to the present.

Each of us wants to be connected to someone and wants to continue social exchanges. Therefore, SNS has developed rapidly in these days and is expanding indefinitely through the development of advanced IT technologies.

Decentralized SNS platform.

WEB 3.0 has been in the spotlight recently. This WEB 3.0 is very different from WEB 2.0 in the present era. The biggest difference among them lies in governance.

Existing online platforms have the benefit of platform companies ahead of users. And users and content providers are restricted by platform companies’ regulations to not receive proper rights and interests.

However, WEB 3.0 is a democratic activity of platform participants that activates and operates the platform. On top of that, OPP is promoting the launch of decentralized SNS and blog platforms.

OPP’s platform is being developed with the technology of the pure OPP team, so expectations are high in the market.

Proper utilization of NFT.

NFT is definitely creating great innovation, but it is also causing excessive bubbles in the Cryptocurrency market.

The reason is that NFT is used only as a medium for digital art and is spreading indiscriminately. Then, how will NFT be used more in the future?

In the future, NFT based on digital art will be valid. However, as cases of abuse such as illegal copying of NFT and infringement of original copyright are spreading, several legal guides will be prepared in this area.

OPP is used to ensure ownership and rights and interests of digital creations produced by digital content creators, which will enable the OPP platform to become a more democratic and user-friendly platform.

OPP is still under steady development, and for more information, check out the URL below.

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