Top 5 projects to look out for in 2022

With the recent crash in bitcoin, and with it, the entire crypto market, finding the right project to invest in is akin to finding a needle in the haystack. Here we look at 5 of the most promising projects to look out for in 2022.

1. Bondex

Bondex is a forward-looking, innovative project based on a Web 3.0 talent ecosystem that aims to transform and resolve prevalent issues in the blockchain industry by leveraging its professional network implementing tokenized incentives to optimize the recruitment process around the world to fill the growing talent void. Bondex is partly owned by its community of users through tokenized rewards. The project also utilizes a decentralized P2P model, thereby enabling a new revenue-sharing business model that is achieved through the redistribution of profits among the global talent pool and hiring companies. Additionally, the revenue sharing model aligns incentives across all participants for long-term growth and redefines the economic model of a professional network.

2. Alien Worlds

Launched in April 2021, Alien Worlds is the most popular Metaverse crypto coin on the market. It’s built on the WAX blockchain and was later integrated with the Binance Smart Chain.

Alien Worlds is one of the simplest games to check out, perfect for new users looking to get their foot in the door with blockchain gaming and NFTs.

The game revolves around users mining Trillium (TLM), which carries real-world value, where users can select from various planets to mine TLM via a selection of custom mining toolkits using a set of NFTs. Each user receives a free shovel to mine with when they first sign up. I highly recommend purchasing a slightly better mining tool like a Standard Capacitor for roughly $1 on the WAX NFT marketplace Atomic Hub.

Another way to earn with Alien Worlds is by staking your TLM on the Binance Smart Chain. Users can stake their TLM for periods ranging between 2 to 12 weeks and receive a generous bonus including rare NFTs at the end of the staking period.

As the most popular game on the market, Alien Worlds is certainly a must-watch in February 2022.

3. Livepeer

Livepeer is one of several decentralized networks and protocols that uses a network of computer processing power or storage to provide storage, streaming services, or other services; all of which have garnered a great amount of attention in recent months. In the case of Livepeer, it transcodes videos — which means it reformats videos so that they can be played at different bandwidths and on different devices.

Transcoding can be extremely expensive, but Livepeer’s decentralized model enables users to contribute their computers’ processing power and earn LPT tokens in return, thereby enabling companies to significantly reduce their video streaming costs.

4. United DAO

United DAO, a decentralized reserve currency protocol that boasts the great potential to become a native stable currency. The primary aim of United DAO is to function as a currency that is able to hold its purchasing power regardless of market volatility. United DAO consists of its protocol-managed treasury, protocol-owned liquidity (POL), bond mechanism, and staking rewards that are designed to control supply expansion.

With its protocol launching in Q1 2022, United DAO is a must-watch for DeFi enthusiasts. Understanding that the true strength of the UTD tokens lies in the strong backing of the treasury, United DAO have taken in steps to boost its treasury by striking a fine balance between liquidity, risk management and growth. By optimizing the growth of its treasury across various treasury backed assets, United ensures the continued strength of its treasury, which in turns backs the UTD token.

With an experienced team stemming from powerhouse backgrounds as the brainchild of United DAO, the concept of United DAO certainly takes on a forward-looking approach; thereby making United DAO a great project to look out for in 2022.

5. Jobchain

Jobchain boasts a revolutionary concept of an all-in-one platform that combines identification, financial, and recruitment services. Jobchain has created an application on both IOS and Android that allows anyone to receive their salary in cryptocurrency, and is available for web use as well. The project looks set to gain even further attention for its unique premise in 2022.

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