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A Crypto trading software that helps traders to create automated approach with access to numerous exchanges!

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The crypto trading market is slowly taking over the stock markets as it allows a trader to trade 24/7. But a stock market has a particular opening and close time for trading. As we know crypto markets are very volatile therefore it is very difficult for traders to keep track of the price and the market drift. This is the place where the role of bot comes into play.

A bot is nothing but programmed software that helps in easy analysis of all actions of the market like the time, volume, price etc. This has led to a rise in a number of crypto traders along with the crypto trading platform. TradeSanta is one such crypto trading software also called a trading bot for the next generation that focuses on making the trading process simple and fully automated. It is a terminal which will allow the traders to set up their plans easily and trading 24 hours without the requirement of remaining available in front of their screens.

The platform allows its users to make the trading series and strategies by utilizing a very simple and user-friendly interface. Once setting is done by the trader, it is implemented and the trading process is initiated. It allows traders to trade on several renowned exchanges from one place. At present, it supports four exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex and HitBTC and is planning to support more in coming days. It was launched in November 2018, and support fully automated trading stratagem.

The platform enables full customization and treats both newcomers and the experienced in the same way. The user-friendly interface helps a new user to trade without any confusion. It is highly secured as it offers two-factor authentication and the bots also work through API keys for which they don’t get access to funds and cannot withdraw it without a traders permission. An experienced trader, in the same way, gets many opportunities to set their own strategies based on their own preferences.

A large number of features along with technical indicators in the platform help traders in carrying out an easy trading process. The indicators are Volume filter, daily filter and Bollinger filter. All these filters facilitate the bots to enter the market in an optimal way and help traders in easy managing their accounts. Another feature is Extra Order that helps the bot manage to trade in a more profitable way if in case the market goes against the bot direction. The company is further planning to add more features and technical indicators that will enable a trader to precisely customize its plans according to their needs.

This cloud-based crypto trading bot software is at present in its budding stage and is free to use. It is slowly climbing up stairs, thereby gaining a lot of attention in the vast crypto community.

Automated Crypto Trading Made Simple by TradeSanta, a cloud trading software that allows you to take advantage of crypto market fluctuations. Connect TradeSanta to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job.



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