Trine Divine Soul Cards Are Now Live!

Trine Divine is a new project aiming to fund its product using NFTs. By doing so, people who buy the NFT are acting as investors and not only get a instant reward in the form of a NFT, but are eligible to rewards programs when the project starts shaping up. By launching its NFT collection, Trine Divine plans on creating a app based on the world of crypto.

The app

This will be a big and rewarding project. The app aims to bring our daily lives closer to crypto. First on the list is its own coin. That will be the currency in which the app and services operate giving the coin immense stability. At the same time, a marketplace will be created. Not just for products but for jobs. The job market is where most efforts will go towards as this is the main goal. The job market will consist of easy to do jobs that don’t require more then a few hours to complete. They could be posted by companies, or by private people and have no limitation when it comes to international arrangements. If a company needs someone to scope out a new office site before they visit the country, the app will be the place to do it. Need a pair of strong arms, post it in the app. Need a short delivery, ad a car as a requirement and post the job.

The idea is simple but one that currently could make life easier and more affordable. They won’t stop with just a simple job market. A ranking and stats system will be implemented from the get-go giving users the ability to rank up their experience in different tasks making them more desirable to hire. And as times goes on, with more engagement from companies and users, people will be able to make a living, just by using the app and make all the money in crypto making it easy to transfer and simple to spend in our marketplace.

Trine Divine does not want to stop there. They want to make the app versatile for every task and situation. Implement the use of phone sensors like lidar to add more jobs options like scanning house interiors for real estate companies. Mapping out parameters and so on. The destination is the moon.

Currently the company is in its first stages. A primary team is assembled and the NFT collection launches 11.11.2021. From there the plan is set in motion as the NFT sale begins.

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