VibraVid Music & Video Platform  —  Get Played, Get Paid

Since the age of streaming music and videos truly kicked off little more than a decade ago, a great majority of artists and video content creators are unable to make ends meet since they are not able to earn a living from their work. Centralized streaming giants like Spotify and YouTube are greedily taking larger fees for each year that passes while keeping the lion’s share of the ad-revenues. In spite of having thousands or even millions of views, the artists who actually created, edited and produced the song or video at hand, in fact receive just a fraction of the total revenues generated from their work.

VibraVid, a new multimedia platform launching in the end of September, is being made available for free in order to bring real change to the lives of artists by giving power and full revenue back to the creators of the songs we love to listen to and the videos we enjoy to watch.

The VibraVid platform, powered by our native token BeatzCoin (BTZC), is the ideal decentralized app built on top of the Tron blockchain that will upend the world of online entertainment by assisting one artist at a time to earn a fair living. By offering a direct link between creators and users, thereby facilitating a new peer-2-peer economy, VibraVid empowers artists and content creators. BeatzCoin’s ambitious mission and easy-to-use VibraVid platform is to disrupt the entertainment industry and cut out the middleman through the use of blockchain technology.

VibraVid’s music and video sharing platform utilizing BeatzCoin (BTZC) is set to launch its MVP

By utilizing the Tron blockchain, a very stable and scalable network with instant transactions, an app like BeatzCoin can facilitate a fast-moving and dynamic new peer-2-peer economy based on the transparency, independence and immutability of cryptocuyrrencies. BeatzCoin is currently the second highest ranked Super Representative (SR) out of 27 SRs on the TRON blockchain, with more than 470 million TRX in community votes, representing roughly 5.5% of all votes in the SR-elections.

The initial exchange offering (IEO) of the token BeatzCoin (BTZC) will be hosted on the regulated Korean-based ProBit Exchange and will commence on September 30. ProBit is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea, with an easy and fast on-boarding process for international and US-based users via

BeatzCoin’s IEO will be hosted on the regulated Korean exchange from September 30

VibraVid’s new economic peer-2-peer model significantly increases the revenue for artists and content creators by awarding them with 95% of the revenues from their sales, while rewarding viewers for listening and watching content through bounties.

Each VibraVid user has a personal wallet where all their BTZC and TRX are stored, and they can see a ledger of all transactions of their wallet.

Comparing Vibravid and YouTube’s principles, one can take this simple example: With VibraVid, an artist or musician who sells 12 music albums for 5 USD a piece to friends, family and fans will put more than 50 USD directly in their pocket since they get 95% of the revenue on our platform.

In order to reach 50 USD on YouTube, a content creator would need approximately between 25, 000–30,000 views, which for most uploaders is impossible to achieve. The numbers speak for themselves. Given the chance, many fans are longing for a medium where they can support their favorite artists directly. Not through greedy middlemen. VibraVid and BeatzCoin provide them that chance while allowing content creators to own, price and sell their own work.

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