VICA Foundation Announces Global Support for Victims in India

The VICA Foundation, known for its integration of blockchain technology, has launched a series of donations to continue its humanitarian support for countries in crisis.

Following the recent train tragedy in India that left 288 people dead, the VICA Foundation has made a donation to Save the Children to provide practical assistance to the victims in India.

The donation will be channeled through agencies and organizations working with survivors in India.

Meanwhile, the Foundation remains focused on its core values with an unwavering sense of mission, and its ERC20-based VICA token has been listed on several international exchanges to raise its profile, affect positive global change, and create a virtuous cycle of giving. We are in the process of listing on domestic exchanges, which is expected to increase our visibility in Korea.

It is also focusing on simplifying the trading process and increasing profits through its arbitrage solution, ViBOT, and an automated trading system that allows users to trade crypto assets through automation.

“Going forward, we will continue to demonstrate the power and potential of blockchain technology not only in the financial sector, but also as a powerful tool for global humanitarian assistance,” concluded the Baika Foundation.

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