VIM : New game changer for X2E market with New concept called C2E

Until this year, various Game-fi projects have been introduced in the name of X2E. There was a criteria of P2E (Play to Earn), and M2E (Move to Earn) came out and smashed the market. Probably, next year will be a year of C2E (Create to Earn) projects. It is speculated that C2E projects with a structure in which costs flow from outside will solve the Ponzi problem of X2E projects that has emerged so far. We need to pay attention to the new C2E project-VIM. The project, which targets Niche Market, which supports virtual humans and earns profits, borrows a game-fi format that fosters and utilizes a medium called Vanter to solve users’ tasks in a fun and numerical way. The user’s action creates tangible profits as it contributes to actual marketing activities. The fact that only 100,000 NFTs, which are the mainstay of Vanter, are issued, and they are created by the activities of users in the future seems similar to that of Axie Infinity and STEPN. Let’s keep an eye on this project, which has just begun NFT minting.

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