Virtual Currency International (VCI) Vladimir Galabov on All Things

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re probably familiar with affiliate marketing and how it works. It’s particularly popular in the world of digital marketing and there’s no shortage of affiliate marketing program options to join. But, most of them are based on myopic views.

Well, that was until VCI International came onto the scene. Founded in January 2018, Virtual Currency International is an affiliate network from Network Planet Ltd. It’s aimed at helping to make more people financially literate through creative, fun and interesting online courses whose knowledge is actually easy to retain.

Virtual Currency International also offers you the chance to earn both cash and non-financial rewards when you become an affiliate. The best part is that in addition to earning commissions, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re helping people to become more financially savvy and build wealth.

What is VCI International All About?

A Virtual Currency International review wouldn’t be complete without taking a proper look at the network’s history. It was founded in January 2018 by Vladimir Galabov and Eugen Rosenmeir, both of whom have extensive experience in business and digital marketing. VCI International is a subsidiary of Network Planet Ltd. The company offers a wide range of online courses aimed at helping people from all walks of life.

This includes beginners who’re still starting out in their financial journey or people who want to learn how to better handle their finances and invest. Then there are courses that are aimed at providing actionable strategies to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to up their game.

All of the courses are available online and can be completed conveniently from home and at your own pace.

How Can Affiliates Use VCI International?

VCI International affiliates will not only make money but also make an active difference in the lives of others. It brings people joy to know their efforts can help someone build financial security and invest for their children one day.

VCI International is unique in that it allows you to fulfill both your altruistic and financial goals without sacrificing one for the other. When an affiliate joins the network, they’ll become part of a team whose goal is to provide financial literacy to the people who need it the most. Affiliates can also earn money through investment ROIs, commissions and referrals.

Let’s say you’re an individual investor who’s passionate about helping others but you don’t have the time to become a full-time affiliate that’s dedicated to getting leads for VCI International.

There’s space for people like this because you’ll be able to make money through Virtual Currency International’s ROI program. This is where you make Bitcoin investments through one of the VCI International packages.

You’ll have peace of mind that most of the legwork has been taken care of for you, thanks to the years of expertise offered by Eugen Rosenmeier and Vladimir Galabov. In that sense, VCI International functions as a financial advisory firm helping you make various investments in Forex, Bitcoin and other financial assets.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

The VCI International referral program is very popular with affiliates in that it allows you to earn commissions based on how many people you bring into the company. The unique thing about the VCI International commission program is that it’s based on a multi-layered approach, so you’re not limited when it comes to the rewards you can reap.

You get a lifetime fee for all the people you refer to the program, which means that you’ll earn more each year the more people you bring to the program. There’s also a ranking system attacked to the referral program which allows you to earn based on performance and receive impressive compensation plans.

How Can You Join VCI International?

If you’re interested in becoming a VCI International affiliate you’ll be glad that the program is open to anyone with a passion for digital marketing, finance and paying it forward. To join, an affiliate must make a minimum investment of $9 in order to get members into the network. This amount is very minuscule when you consider the value you’ll get from joining VCI.

However, it’s important to note in this Virtual Currency International review that affiliates can also invest $18 to $240,000 through the VCI network in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the preferred currency of VCI and is applicable for deposits and withdrawals alike.

Why Choose VCI International?

There’s no denying that people are spoilt for choice with the wide variety of affiliate programs that are available nowadays. So, why choose Virtual Currency International? There are many reasons why this affiliate program is so special. It’s made up of a reliable network of experienced financial experts, including co-founders Eugen Rosenmeier and Vladimir Galabov. Just the credentials of these two members alone are enough to bring credibility to this network.

However, that’s not all, because VCI is also backed by a passionate team from all over Europe, with members who excel in relevant fields. Not only that, but unlike other affiliate programs, VCI International offers an opportunity to earn revenue from different streams, whether it’s through passive investment or active involvement.

You’ll be able to make smart investments based on research and experience-backed insights from the VCI team, and there are plenty of custom-made tools designed specifically to help affiliates succeed. Plus, the network is invested in the success of its affiliates because that is how it grows and expands as well.


There’s no shortage of affiliate networks that come to the scene each year, but VCI brings something different to the table. Thanks to the built-in programs and philanthropy of the network, affiliates get to make money while making a difference in other people’s lives.

In addition to reading this Virtual Currency International review, be sure to conduct further research and find out all you can about the network and how you can join and benefit from it. At the end of the day, it’s a great program that can do wonders for your life.

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