Web 3.0 magic lamp listed on Vindax (Jar coin)

NFT-based Jar Coin listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange ‘VinDAX’ in October 19.

– NFT-based JAR COIN, listed on VinDAX in October. Promoting full-scale commercialization

– JAR COIN aims to establish an economic ecosystem that its platform, ‘JUNY WEB.’

– An official said, 500 million out of 1 billion initial issuances, the remaining 500 million coins to be used to stabilize.

Based on NFT (Non-Fungible Token), JAR COIN officially announced on the XXth that it would start commercialization in earnest, starting with the listing of VinDAX, a global cryptocurrency exchange, in October 19.

VinDAX, established in Vietnam in 2019, is currently playing a new pivotal role in the global cryptocurrency market, with more than 30 coins traded.

JAR COIN, a jar containing dreams, was created in collaboration with MSK Group experts, computer science students, and telecommunications security experts. They aimed to build a new economic ecosystem that people can use to purchase various corporate products registered on the self-developed platform “JUNY WEB.”

In addition, JAR COIN users can make direct transactions between users without intermediate distribution and third-party intervention in the transaction process. Smart contract verifiers can also reduce the risk of fraud or financial damage. It is effective for preventing a new type of exit scam, ‘rug pull’, in which those who impersonated cryptocurrency developers use purchase support as bait to escape after removing the DEX liquidity pool.

“Like Aladdin’s ‘Magic Lamp’ from Walt Disney Animation, JAR COIN, which contains everyone’s dreams and hopes, seeks to build a future-oriented platform where users and businesses cooperate through the combination of Coin and NFT,” a Jar Coin official said.

” JAR COIN is confident it will become a safe and productive investment destination in an unstable economy.” “To this end, we will pre-issue 500 million of the 1 billion coins that are scheduled to be issued for the first time, and the remaining 500 million will be used for 400 million spare volumes and 100 million for teams and managers,” the official added.

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