What does the source code do (SC)

source code

The source code will deepen the core concepts of decentralization and distributed accounting through blockchain games to realize a new electronic mutual trust system for global industry organizations, and first apply this system in the global trade of games and give priority to the international trade industry Carry out landing practice. The platform will adhere to the principle of openness and win-win, and create a digital currency payment system in the game blockchain world. The platform will also create a public chain covering various ecological applications and a private chain linking various enterprise alliances, and use source code tokens to connect each The gap between alliances, industries, and users is a blockchain game project with global application scenarios and a majestic ideal blueprint guided by the latest top-level architecture concept of the international game blockchain.

Source code development concept

No matter how the world develops and evolves, the main theme of “trust is rigid need, consensus is the cornerstone, and cooperation is driving force”

The law will not change. The source code is born for the widest range of trust, consensus and collaboration. As a blockchain infrastructure that can support a large number of applications and users, it provides a convenient, friendly, efficient and safe development and deployment environment for large-scale commercial applications, so that everything All can be easily chained to create a new distributed business ecosystem that links everything and collaborates with the world, and connects and drives the world with trust. The development and evolution of Bitcoin allows us to see the underlying logic of a group of ordinary people who can do an extraordinary business, and let us see the possibility of an everlasting organizational foundation and crossing discontinuities. The source code will explore ways to open the boundaries of the organization, inspire and attract more and more members to participate, and efficiently collaborate and form a synergy. Build a healthy development ecosystem that can continuously iterate forward and evolve by itself. By continuously introducing “negative entropy” to solve the “entropy death” problem of the second law of thermodynamics, it will become a truly decentralized intelligent evolutionary ecology, with powerful reactions. Vulnerability, in the process of continuous evolution, continues to break through the cocoon and become a butterfly until eternity.

By observing the development of cryptocurrency in the past ten years, we found that the idea of ​​decentralization is not new

Fresh, but there are reasons to believe that the source code has the ability to create a complete ecology and a new dimension; we believe that the source code not only carries a currency or an industry, but can also bring true, comprehensive fairness to the world. Fairness and openness, so that every participant can enjoy the all-round fairness of privacy, wealth and thought. 

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