What NFTs to buy in 2021?

What NFTs to buy in 2021?

Is it possible to get rich by NFTs?

We have all heard of those who have made massive profits purchasing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), but how can one tell if an NFT project has enough potential for their holders to enjoy those huge profits? Also, which NFT projects are here to stay?

Below are the top three NFT projects with high potential to be one of the successful NFT projects of 2021.

HydraCo NFTs

Developers of HydraCo NFTs are offering an all in one project for people to participate in. Looking at their roadmap, they are even planning to launch their token, and start their own metaverse to allow investors and NFT enthusiasts to explore, trade and create lands. It seems that metaverse technology has opened up a whole new chapter for the NFT industry, especially after Facebook has made an announcement to officially have changed their name to Meta.

What is HydraCo NFT?

According to their website, HydraCo is an Egg NFT which contains life but that’s not all, it hatches and grows more and more powerful as well as level-up in their game. That could mean HydraCo NFT holders have the opportunity to see their NFTs evolving into superior forms.

HydraCo NFT also offers the holders the chance to win a Tesla Model 3 after launch as well as merch distribution and Ethereum giveaways. You can visit their website at https://hydraco.co and join their discord to learn more.


This project was one of the most controversial projects where the buyers had to participate in a raffle right before the launch to purchase a ticket to mint their NFTs. Although this project has already been launched, a lot of NFT enthusiasts have their eyes on this project to see where it is going.

What is Mekaverse?

Mekaverse is a collection of 8,888 generative NFTs inspired by Japan Mecha Universes. There is not much information about the future of this project on their website, however they claim to take care of the Meka universe, and aesthetically enlarge it. They have stated that each relationship between mekadiminsions will be described and explained in the future.


While this project is one of the oldest, if not the oldest NFT project, and known by many NFT lovers, it is doubtable to believe it has reached its full potential at the time of writing this article.

What is CryptoPunks NFT?

According to Wikipedia CryptoPunks collection was developed by American studio Larva Labs and released in June of 2017. It was then traded by early NFT buyers and has been under the radar till 2021 at which time the NFT industry took a different direction and gained its newly obtained fame. One could argue that the popularity of NFTs was also boosted by many crypto influencers and entrepreneurs such as Garry Vee and CryptoKnight.

CryptoPunks has also brought a lot of attention after it appeared on many news outlets as the most expensive digital assets available to the public.

Future of CryptoPunks

Although the developers of CryptoPunks NFT Collection have not made any recent announcements regarding their collection, many of their holders are celebrities who treat those NFTS as their identity. This  will probably have an impact on the perception towards these luxury digital assets and result in less supply, which will mean an even further rise in price.

Do you know any other projects you think have high potential and are here to stay?

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