Why Everyone is Talking about beFITTER and You Should Too

The Move To Earn trend has been taking every crypto forum by storm. Today we talk to Ba Nguyen, a core team member of beFITTER – a highly potential Move To Earn project.

Interviewer: Hello, please introduce yourself?

Ba: Hi, I’m Ba Nguyen – Co-Founder of beFITTER. It’s my honor to share about the project today.

Interviewer: What is beFITTER?

Ba: beFITTER is a web3 fitnessfi and socialfi app. We aim to build a healthier ecosystem, helping users balance their life, improve mental & physical health, gain achievements, and still get monetary incentives. $HEE and $FIU are the two native tokens of the project.

Interviewer: How does beFITTER work?

Ba: Users will have their shoe NFTs collection at beFITTER, each uniquely designed and generated with blockchain technology.

They can sell or lend their shoes, and even customize their own unique pair of shoes to sell as NFTs.

In addition, users can be equipped with shoe NFTs, and move outdoors to receive tokens. That’s our Move & Earn system.

We also develop the rent feature with 2 modes: fixed rent, where the owner leases their shoes at a fixed price, and share profit, where the lender decides the profit percentages in advance.

Since we built an in-app marketplace, users can trade their NFTs right there in the beFITTER app.

Furthermore, the token swap feature allows users to trade directly between two types of tokens as an atomic transaction; also, users can trade their tokens into stable coins for further purposes. The decentralized wallets give users complete control of their digital assets – without platform supervision.

Interviewer: How does beFITTER help us to achieve a healthy lifestyle?

Ba: While the play-to-earn trend requires its players to sit still and constantly watch, think, and click, which is tiresome at some points, move-to-earn players only need to participate in sports activities for a certain period to receive the corresponding valuable rewards. In addition, move-to-earn possesses a clear advantage over its counterpart, which is helping its players improve their health while play-to-earn deteriorates them similar to non-blockchain games. beFITTER users will get monetary incentives when completing healthy behaviors as well as joining challenges with others.

By developing social features, beFITTER is a network for not just athletes, but also anyone who cares about their health. They can upload their activities, share them with their friends and create spreads about healthier behaviors in the community and amplify the community.

That’s how we help users achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Interviewer: What is the most unique feature of beFITTER?

 Ba: Besides the amazing features that our app aggregates such as the wheel of health (tracking multiple activities), wearable app, and the renting system as mentioned, we are also proud to be the first web3 app to provide fun game elements with a virtual pet as a workout companion, and SocialFi – a network for not just athletes but also anyone who cares about their health.

Interviewer: beFITTER is backed by Icetea Labs, how does it make the project promising to investors?

Ba: Icetea Labs is a leading blockchain incubator and enabler in SEA, with a mission to bring blockchain applications to mass users and become a trusted companion of visionary founders. They finance potential projects like beFITTER on their own and assist those projects in connecting with their extensive network of strategic partners to raise both capital and brand awareness. We believe that Icetea Labs, with its strong influence and an enviable reputation, will lead us to remarkable success.

Interviewer: What are the industry experiences of the team behind this project?

Ba: Our founder and core team are all people with experience and expertise in the blockchain industry.

I myself have experience working on multiple notable blockchain projects, including PolkaFoundry, Red Kite Launchpad, and GameFi.org game hub. Before beFITTER, I was Icetea Labs’ due diligence leader who has evaluated and advised over 30 projects.

Thai Trieu – the Art Director is a professional artist with over 8 years of experience in the gaming industry as a concept artist and illustrator. Thai has a profound knowledge of fiction, films, and games with various themes from several international projects that he has worked on.

Our Product Owner – Trang Doan has 2.5 years of working as a PO, and 8 years of experience in software development.

And Ha Nguyen – the Head Of Development has 10 years of experience in developing finance and education applications, and 1 year working in the blockchain industry. He also has outstanding skills in team management and leadership.

In total, beFITTER team consists of 35+ members who are well-experienced in large-scale software development and have deep knowledge of blockchain technology. They have been cherishing the idea for this “Move To Earn” app for a long time, and this moment is the right time to “bring beFITTER to the Moon”!

Interviewer: Is the project running right on track with the roadmap? 

Ba: Yes, it’s July 2022 now, so we are preparing for the IDO before heading to the Mainnet V1 launching this month, as planned. We still have lots to cover, but the constant support from the community and the burning dedication of the whole team keep our spirits alive.

Interviewer: Please tell us more about the Alpha Challenge and the Open Beta Testnet Event

Ba: The Alpha Challenge and the Open Beta Testnet event were our first events with the goal of attracting the earliest players of every age to experience the beFITTER app. Without location and distance limitations, users can walk/run/cycle to wherever they want and as far as they can. We are very excited to receive the enthusiastic engagement from Fitters.

You can take a look at the figures we’ve achieved in just 25 days since we opened the app to the public in alpha and beta versions:

– Total registered users: 134,826

– Total unique active users: 27,343

– Total distance traveled: 76,829 KMs

– Average app engagement time per active user: 63 minutes

Interviewer: What are the plans for IDO?

Ba: This July, the IDO will take place on RedKite, GameFi, and DAO Maker. Total supply of tokens counts for 1,000,000,000 $FIU with the initial price of $0.015/token and the project’s evaluation is at $15,000,000.

Token listing time will be 13:00 UTC July 15, 2022

Token claimable time will be 13:15 UTC July 15, 2022

Interviewer: What are the benefits of investing in the project?

Ba: Health, joy, and money. I mean, lots of health, joy, and money!

Interviewer: Any message for our readers?

Ba: I hope today I clearly introduced our project – beFITTER, and gave you more insight of what we are capable of. Don’t forget to follow our social links to get hourly updates from us! There are tons of fruitful rewards waiting for you in the app and at our events!

beFITTER Official Channels:

Official Group | Announcement Channel | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Substack | Youtube | Instagram | Medium  | Discord

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