27/21/2021 The Dogface NFT collection is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. In looking for a new way to help out their fellow military veterans, Mark aka Major General Fleece and Chris aka The Colonel made the decision to create a new paradigm of support network in the form of a 5,555 NFT collection, combined as 6 sub-collections and complemented by the $AMMO token release. 

The story of the Dogface soldier is one at the stark end of the human experience – an alien race has all but wiped out those who stood and fought. A last ditch effort in the form of a scientific experiment is undertaken. DNA from the world’s best soldiers is gathered, and 15,000 elite soldiers are cloned. These Dogface Soldiers will live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain – by holding a Dogface NFT, you are able to accumulate the $AMMO token and build the ultimate soldier. 

The impressive growth of the Dogface community can be put down to the grassroots style of promotion, and constant, transparent connection with the development team. The HQ records their daily stand up meetings and uploads it to the Fleece Crypto YouTube channel, and all the members of the development team are KYC audited.

Each member that joins is welcomed into the army, and given tasks to complete that allow them to climb through the ranks. All of the staff members involved were at one point, new soldiers that have proved themselves in the community and have been promoted. This hard working style of promotion and task completion creates a tight, engaged community.

The growth and solidarity of all those who come in contact with the Dogface fighting strength is beyond the paradigm of life as seen today. In breaking the paradigms of what it means to be human, the Dogface army are able to unite to create a force more powerful than social, political and geographical barriers. Even more powerful than the XENO alien forces that have wiped out 90% of the population of Planet Earth.

By joining the Dogface Army on the discord server, you are able to research all mission critical documentation and receive all daily intel updates. This constant, open and transparent communication is another key factor in maintaining the momentum of the powerful Dogface army.

The collection of 5555 Dogface NFTs is made even more unique by the 6 sub-collection make-up. Jungle, Urban, Desert, Arctic, Guerilla and Special Forces. These all have various rarity value – the various accessories such as weapons, hats, dogtags etc also play a major role in determining the rarity factor. Various derivative collections are in the works too – the enemy aliens XENO will be released as a collection, as well as Navy, Airforce, and more to be announced!

The pre-release for this collection is 06.01.2022, 12:00 EST. Make sure to only use the official minting website – if in doubt, ask the team on the Dogface discord. The DogfaceHQ will never send DMs or links to members of the community, so any action as such can be seen as an attempt to scam you. Stay vigilant! No soldier left behind!

Mission commence: 06.01.2022, 12:00EST

Official Website:

Join the fight today:

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