XenophonDAO has benchmarked competitive products against Olympus DAO


XenophonDAO based on DeFi 2.0 is a decentralized reserve asset protocol. It was officially launched on November 10, 2021, in California, USA. The platform is created with the aim to establish a currency system that is not governed by policies or any artificial or centralized institutions. Since the launch XenophonDAO team is continuously working and the project is largely attracting users’ attention. Recently, XenophonDAO had benchmarked competitive products against Olympus DAO (OHM).

XenophonDAO- A platform built by the community and DAO

Xenophon is a decentralized reserve asset protocol based on XPH currency. One can understand it as the USD in the decentralized space as the value-anchored asset. Xenophon is built by the community and DAO; therefore, no factor has control over XPH. For example, its value will not change with the change in USD or any fiat currency due to factors such as policies. But the value depends on decentralized financial market demand, which can be 1 BUSD or 100 BUSD.

This currency system will help to improve the stability of currency prices and optimize price consistency. It will ultimately make it possible for XPH tokens to become a universal unit of account and medium of exchange.

Following the game theory profit matrix, on XenophonDAO, currently, users can perform three operations. These are staking, bonding, and selling. Staking is one of the main value acquisition strategies that allow users to generate compound interest through staking. The interest generated by Xenophon will be many times higher than other decentralized platforms such as Compound, Aave, etc. The platform also provides a step-by-step guide on how to stake, bond, or sell XPH.

sXPH is the governance token used for voting, making decisions, and governing the community of Xenophon. Xenophon also has an asset treasury pool to support every XPH in circulation in the market. The treasury smart contract is secured by 3/5 multiple signatures.

Xenophon has benchmarked competitive products against Olympus DAO (OHM)

Xenophon is making progress continuously. Recently XenophonDAO has benchmarked competitive products against Olympus DAO (OHM). Through this, the company is hopeful about continuous improvement and identifying further opportunities to offer to its users. It will also enable Xenophon to develop a standardized set of processes and create performance expectations accordingly.

The current price of XPH is 900U. The value of XPH will increase. It will also provide more space for the user experience allowing Xenophon for further development.

About Olympus DAO

Olympus is a decentralized reserve currency protocol based on the OHM token. Each OHM token is backed by different assets in the treasury such as DAI, FRAX, etc. Due to this, the value of the token cannot fall below. Olympus also supports staking and bonding providing unique economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market. The ultimate goal of Olympus is to create a policy-controlled currency system in which the value of the OHM token will highly depend on DAO. In the long run, this system will instill stability so that the OHM token can function as a universal medium of exchange and unit of account. However, in the short term, the platform is focusing on optimizing the system for growth and wealth creation.

Market expectations appear relatively high for XenophonDAO

Since the launch, Xenophon has been highly interactive with its community. The platform has held the AMA series on Twitter and Telegram while allowing users to earn rewards. The rewards were in the form of $OXPH which can be mapped to $XPH later on.

In the whitelist milestone of Xenophon development, the platform announced to select the top 200 winners to participate in the subscription. People showed amazing interest in the project that its Twitter followers reach up to 11,000 members in just 48 hours. The active users of 33 different countries participated in the Whitelist campaign.

Xenophon is currently a growing community of over 18,000 members on Twitter. The user growth and their attention towards the project clearly indicate that market expectations and recognition are relatively for Xenophon.

Taking into account the users’ interests, Xenophon is also working moving towards further development.

Xenophon IDO

Xenophon will launch IDO in December, users who meet the whitelist requirements can subscribe to XPH at a very low price, please pay close attention to the official news and follow the latest progress.

Xenophon cooperative institutions and resources

Along with attracting the attention of users from 33 different countries, globally, Xenophon is also receiving support from institutions. There are some cooperative institutions and resources in the docking. It shows their interest and also their trust in the project.

Xenophon will be receiving more support through its upcoming development, which will make it a robust ecosystem, in the long run.

Future development

Xenophon has just been born. It has a long way to go. The roadmap of Xenophon is clear. In the first quarter of 2022, the company will add a membership system. It will also work on improving the staking strategy according to user feedback. In Q2 2022, it will work on extending its network while integrating with various chains. It will also provide external API calls. The third quarter of 2022 will be the most productive one, as the Xenophon protocol has intended to integrate with Layer 2, mainly the ZK-Rollup technology. This quarter will then lead towards today’s and future sensation; Metaverse creation. The company will also build the economic models for the Dapps development.

2022 will be the year of development for Xenophon. After achieving the developmental milestones, the company will be fully focused on establishing the strong ecosystem of Xenophon.

Join Xenophon today to participate in the development of XPH as the global unit of exchange in the decentralized space!

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