Zoptax Features a Blockchain VoIP Network For Operation

June 14, 2019 – The world of VoIP communication makes it easier for people to reach each other without spending as much money as what people have spent in the past. The Zoptax project is a blockchain-based solution that makes it easier for people to communicate with others with ease.

The Zoptax blockchain program is a VoIP network that is currently in development. A prototype app is available through Google Play. The Public IEO Sale will start on 15 June on exmarkets.com www.vindax.com.

Zoptax focuses on being a fully decentralized VoIP network. The design helps people to stay connected with others and not worry about interruptions from centralized authorities.

The most important part about Zoptax is that this entails no possible security breach issues. The work involved ensures that people are protected at all times and that there are no problems with what might be utilized when reaching other people.

The coming IEO for Zoptax will help with promoting different plans for making products more appealing. This includes providing people with tokens for things like new activities. The tokens produced here are based of regular use of the Zoptax app.

The app can work on various mobile devices, although dedicated phones are expected to be introduced in the future. These outstanding app features will facilitate a thorough process for handling different plans for work. The best part of the VoIP setup is that the design will work throughout various networks and can ensure people don’t have to get access to other extra functions.

The general web and desktop application for Zoptax is expected to be released in September 2019. Further mobile apps will be released a year later. The blockchain source will be publicly launched in 2022. The general road map for the program is expected to ensure that actions in the market will go forward well without details being too thorough.

Information on what Zoptax will be doing in the future and how the IEO will work can be found online at zoptax.com. The Zoptax site features a full IEO white paper explaining what people can expect out of the IEO and the app itself.

Name: Zoptax.com

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.zoptax.com

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